Being developed by a Veterinary Surgeon
Burns is a series of pet foods which is developed by John Burns, who practices as a Veterinary Surgeon for many years and applies his understanding of the principles of natural medicine and nutrition to dogs and cats.

Following the concept of Traditional Oriental Medicine
Burns diet is based on the formula of low fat and low protein and together with brown rice, which is recognized as being beneficial in the prevention and treatment of illness. The formula, with reference to the concept of traditional oriental medicine, strengthens the organ systems and allows the body to regulate and harmonize its body functions. It also helps the body making necessary adjustments in order to heal itself.

Real solution to most health problems
Having practical experience for many years, John Burns noted that quite number of health problems, including tooth tartar, itchy skin, and excess weight are resulting from inefficient intake of ˇ§nutrientsˇ¨ in the body. Those excess ˇ§nutrientsˇ¨ will be accumulated and become wastes to be eliminated and therefore create the problems. The ˇ§low protein low fatˇ¨ formula of Burns Real Food minimizes the amount of waste matter needs to be eliminated so as to help the body heal itself, maintain a state of good health and prevent the deterioration of the organ systems.

Keeping fit
Researches over many years has come to the conclusion that pets maintain in lean body condition suffer less osteoarthritis and live longer. Therefore, John developed Burns products to keep the pets slim and healthy.

Human grade ingredients, no chemicals added
Burns series of pet food use human grade ingredients with no chemicals added to the ingredients or the final product. No battery raised chicken are used in Burns products. They are also hormone free and antibiotic free. Fishes are certified organic at source by Debio, the Norwegian control body for organic production, operating under EU regulations.

Being the first totally organic dog food in Hong Kong
This is the first super-premium organic dog food available in Hong Kong. The Organic formula contains organic rice, organic oats, organic barley, organic fish, chicken oil, organic sunflower oil and seaweed.

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